Crop Top

Last summer my roommate at the time gave me a little push and shove to purchase my first crop top. It took a couple months after the purchase before I had the guts to wear it.  Obviously those couple of months were spent doing endless amounts of ab exercises. The only time I show my stomach is while at a beach or pool so this little top was totally out of my comfort zone.  I’ve found the best way to pull off the crop top without showing too much skin is pairing it with high waisted shorts (seen below) and skirts.

Nonetheless, a toned tummy definitely helps boost confidence for this outfit.  Thankfully ab workouts are amongst my favorite because I can do them at home while binge watching Netflix.  My puppy, Max, also enjoys this part of my day as its optimal time for crawling on top of my stomach and plopping down for an early evening nap.  Yup, an extra ten pounds resting on my stomach! Lucky for him I welcome the challenge.  My latest ab routine is a free 30 day challenge which works different muscles every day and includes stretching exercises (so important!). The program can be found here.  I typically aim to do ‘Level II’ for each set of exercises but that doesn’t always happen- anything incorporating planks makes me cringe and leaves me doing the bare minimum.  I definitely have room for improvement and plan on starting the challenge over once I finish out these last 10 days!  I also follow a 12 week workout program (I’m on my second round) which has made me stronger and more toned than I’ve been in years. More on that in an upcoming post!



Shirt: Old; Love these options: 1,2,3 (on sale) // Shorts: J.Crew (old); Similar ; love these


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