Summer Sweatshirt

A couple years ago I decided it was time to let go of all my raggedy high school and college sweatshirts. My college years of parading around campus with my various UDel sweatshirts are over. At first I thought I’d never again feel as comfy during the winter months as I did when bundled up in my hoodies but I’ve quickly come to realize that there are other options. I’m no longer a walking advertisement for my alma mater.  I’ve made a point to find plenty of clothes that are both cozy and fashionably, this short sleeved sweatshirt being one of them. Sadly, I missed out on the long sleeve version before it sold out but this short sleeve sweatshirt is perfect for cool summer nights.  The Loft currently  has a few great sweatshirt options that are such a steal (I’m talking clearance!).



Jeans: H&M // Top : Love This and this // Sandals: Old, Almost identical pair // Bag: Olivia & Joy


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