Weekend Fluff to Weekday Buff

If you know me then you know I love pizza, nachos, chocolate, lasagna, and most other unhealthy foods. If you don’t know me well now you do because there’s just a few more minor details that define who I am (just a few). As my big sis has told me, ‘you live life one meal at a time.’  Every moment is spent thinking of my next meal and every Friday is spent thinking of the upcoming weekend splurges.  I’ve slowly learned to curb my once weekend long splurges into single day or single meal splurges but everyone once in awhile there comes a weekend when Large Marge comes out to play, or should I say eat.

Last weekend was Jeremy’s birthday and I love birthdays! My favorite part is the highly anticipated ‘birthday dinner.’  Picking a restaurant for ‘birthday dinner’ is HUGE for me (just like how I feel after eating a birthday dinner).  Jeremy loves a good steak so I chose a restaurant where he could get just that. Oddly I went for chicken parmigiana because it’s breaded goodness and covered in cheese. Do I really need to explain myself?  Dinner was followed by drinks with friends which was followed by late night authentic Mexican cuisine because it’s not the weekend if I didn’t eat guacamole.  Oh and I forgot to mention that Jeremy requested ‘chocolate chip cookie dough Reese’s peanut buttercup brownies.’  He may have made that one up but holy cannoli they were ‘heavenly’. Needless to say I experienced ‘heaven’ a few times during the weekend.

On Sunday I knew that Large Marge had to get the heck out of town or I’d be heading to the mall for some new (larger) pants.  Grocery shopping was a must so that I could plan some healthy options for the week ahead. Although I’ve learned to enjoy my splurges and not feel guilty I know that come Monday it’s time to get my act together.  Healthy food options is step one.

Exhibit A: Veggies for days (literally). This is two bundles of asparagus, a head of broccoli and a bunch of brussel sprouts.  I chopped it all and tossed it with EVOO, pepper, garlic, rosemary and some fresh squeezed lemon. Greens on greens on greens. 
Step two, is the whole fitness thing. I rarely skip a workout on a Monday. When I do, I usually continue to skip my workouts and before I know it the pizza delivery guy is standing at my door.  It doesn’t hurt that I feel so much better when I’m eating healthy and sticking to my workouts. Bathing suit season is in full swing so it’s time to kick Marge to the curb for a little while.


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