Peplum Tank

It’s been a bit too long since my last post!  Jeremy is attending Harvard University for a graduate certificate program and is currently enrolled in a 3 week course so I’ve been left photographer-less while he stays with a friend in Rhode Island to make the commute to school a little less exhausting. On Friday, with Max in tow, I drove to Connecticut to meet Jeremy for a weekend of barbequing and hanging with friends.  While I was looking forward to getting in some beach time Mother Nature had other plans for me.  She can be such an inconvenience sometimes, although I didn’t mind passing up the beach for shopping at the outlets. I may have made two trips to the outlets within 2 hours.  A Kate Spade sale cannot be missed!

On Saturday night we got a bit competitive and played Battle of the Sexes. This was originally vetoed as Jeremy was reading the box for the game and saw an example question mention a Brazilian blowout. ‘I cannot play this game with my sister!  It’s asking what a Brazilian blowout does for a women.’  Don’t  worry I quickly informed him that a Brazilian blowout is simply a hair treatment.  Somehow us girls still lost, grrr.

Now since I finally had some time with my boyfriend/hair treatment amateur/photographer we were able to shoot some outfits.  I recently bought this cute peplum tank top at Old Navy, I love how lightweight it is…perfect for hot summer days. Since we had a slight cold front this weekend I had to put my shorts away and paired this with some jeans. I’m hoping for a quick week and a warm, sunny weekend ahead!


Jeans: Banana Republic   // Tank Top: Old Navy // Shoes: Identical Pair


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