Fourth of July

I hope everyone had a fun filled holiday!  I certainly enjoyed relaxing and watching the fireworks on Saturday being that I had spent the 24 hours prior babysitting my 3 year old niece and 4 month old nephew (more on that later…or maybe not because I’m exhausted just thinking about it).  It’s safe to say Maximilian will be our only (puppy) child for a few years.  On just a few hours sleep Jeremy and I kept on truckin’ and dived in to a bottle of wine before heading to Rockefeller State Park for a view of not one but THREE firework shows. I seriously love fireworks so this was a treat.  In the past I’ve been to some overcrowded venues for the 4th and this was the complete opposite. Our closest bystanders were a herd of sheep. Luckily they were fenced in so we didn’t get bahhhhmbarded (ha  ha  ha).  The view was amazing, these photos don’t do it justice.



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