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Shorts: Revolve (also here) // Shirt: Loft (sold out); Similar // Bag: Sole Society

When I first started blogging I featured SO many extremely affordable pieces of clothing.  While I loved those pieces at the time, I currently own about 10% of them.  Why? Because I was so excited about the inexpensive prices and great ‘deals’ I was getting that I overlooked the quality and ended up with lots of items that only lasted through a few washes.  I also was much more into trends than I am now, trends that didn’t last or ones that I no longer loved the following season.  Don’t get me wrong, I still buy certain trend items but I am much more picky about my selections and try to think about what I will wear long term.

If you’ve been reading along for the past few months you’ve probably (maybe?) noticed that I am all about buying staple pieces lately.  Basically, I’m realizing that donating clothes every few months is ridiculous, especially when I’m donating items I’ve barely worn.  A lot of times those items are ones that I bought on sale and I just couldn’t pass them up for the price.  Nowadays, when I try something that is discounted or on sale I try my best to disregard the price and ask myself “If this were $100 would I buy it?”  I am no longer purchasing pieces because of the prices, I’m purchasing them because I love them. I can’t live without them.  They complete me.  We were meant to be together.   Okay, a tad dramatic there but I hope you’re catching my drift.  That being said, I purchased these shorts for over $100!! WHAT?! Who am I?  Last year I would have NEVER paid that much for a pair of shorts, let alone admit it.  I also spent last Summer continuously wearing whichever shorts in my closet I hated the least.  Finding a pair of shorts that fit just right is a struggle.  I’ve tried SO many over the past few months, none which were worthy of purchasing.  I had my eyes on these for a few weeks and continuously read any reviews I could find about them before pulling the trigger.  I knew I could have them delivered with no shipping cost and no return shipping cost so I had nothing to lose…and everything to gain! The shorts fit perfect and I quickly decided that I will be wearing these non-stop this Summer.

The skin bearing months of Summer are tough ones.  There’s no denying that it’s a bit tougher to hide parts of our bodies that we feel insecure about.  We can’t just throw on some dark slimming skinny jeans and an oversized sweater and call it day.  My lower body is definitely an area that I struggle with and if a pair of $100 shorts make me feel more comfortable for a few months then heck yes they are worth it!  They also come in a darker wash which you better believe I will be buying if they ever go on sale.

Now it’s back to working for the weekend.  We are so close! Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. May 3, 2017 / 3:44 pm

    jess–hey girl! loved this post. and what you spent over 100$ on shorts?!?! YASSSS that’s my girl. lol. i don’t blame you one bit and totally understand every single thing you wrote in this post. i use to be the same way but for the past year or more its been about quality and things i really want/see myself wearing for a long time. basics are key but trendy stuff is what F21 etc is for! PS–money well spent bc them shorts look so fly on you.

    janna | jannadoan.com

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