Spring Neutrals & A Wedding Planning Update

faux-suede-jacket Cupcakes-Cashmere-Darcy neutral-look jeffrey-campbell-despina suede-darsy-jacket white-on-white-look


Jeans: Gap // Top: Similar // Jacket: Shopbop (on sale!) also here // Shoes: Shopbop or Nordstrom // Bag: Kate Spade Outlet; Similar

My days of wearing anything colorful are few and far between.  I am a sucker for neutrals and you can’t go wrong with beige on white on white on taupe.  I mentioned these shoes on Instagram and they really are my new favorites!  I actually wanted these all last Summer but was patiently (for a change) waiting for them to go on sale.  When I saw them back in stock this Spring I knew I had to grab them.  They never got marked down but luckily they were part of the Shopbop sale so I did get a wee little discount.  I am loving the tassel detail and how they have the look of a lace-up shoe without the hassle!   Tassel and no hassle…CHECK.  I’ve found that I rarely ware any lace up shoes I have purchased because getting them tied perfectly is way too time consuming.  I am already ALWAYS running late so a five minute putting-on-the-shoe routine just doesn’t work. This pair has an easy little zipper on the back…thank you, Jeffrey Campbell!

Okay now on to the update!  It only took me 6+ months to find a venue and get things going.  I am admittedly very venue-picky and insisted on getting married someplace other than in a ballroom.  Wellllllll, guess what? We are getting married in a ballroom and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  So, what gives? Our ballroom is different. No really, the light fixtures are so elegant and like none I’ve seen before, the floors are a gorgeous wood finish, the windows and drapery are on point and there isn’t a tacky looking rug.  It has a Great Gatsby vibe and I was SO pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed with excitement when we found this gem.  So aside from the venue and food our next priority was the band.  We headed to Boston and checked out our potential wedding band which is now officially our wedding band.  This was basically a no-brainer after hearing them play.  My favorite part about weddings is all the dancing so music is KEY.  Our next task is finding our photographer.  We will hopefully be meeting with one in the next couple weeks and will soon have that crossed off our list.  Not so bad for a year out.  I am hoping that we if we can cross some of the important things off our to-do list now we won’t be too overwhelmed in a few months.  Oh, and lastly I went dress shopping!!  My mom and sister (/MOH) came to Connecticut on my birthday to take me dress shopping.  We visited 3 different stores and I found TWO dresses which I loved.  Two VERY different dresses, both which I never imagined I’d love so much- kind of like my ballroom of a wedding venue.  One is unique and unexpected while the other is classic and timeless.  I haven’t purchased either one yet as I am the most indecisive person ever but I am definitely leaning towards one. Well, thats a wrap…I’ll leave you guessing which dress I choose (if I ever decide).

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