Flattering Shorts under $30 & 10 Items Currently on Sale


Shorts: Ann Taylor // Top: Ann Taylor; Similar // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Bag: Identical style via Sole Society

I feel like a champ right now, survived a post-vacation Monday at the office and I’m writing a blog post.  Thats’s huuuuuge.  I had such a relaxing week in Cape Cod with my family.  It was our first family vacation since 2009!  Ice-cream, beach and wine (lots of wine) made for the perfect week.  Now I’m just counting down the days until my next vacation and a trip down south for my besties wedding next month!  Waiting all Summer for these vacations to begin was quite tough but I am so grateful to have spent this past week with my family and so excited to spend my next trip with Jeremy and some of my very best friends.

 I just picked a few pieces for next months trip including these tie waist shorts.  I love the tie detail and the loose fit on the legs.  I always find that a looser fitting short is the most flattering and obviously way more comfortable than anything form fitting.  Looking back, I probably should have paired these with a bodysuit because my shirt was just not cooperating/staying tucked in #RUDE.   My shorts are on sale but selling out quick so also linked some similar pairs in the widget above.

So many retail stores are coming out with their new arrivals for Fall which means two things- 1. Fall is coming and 2. Summer clothes are ON SALE.  I’ve found a few great deals and some of these pieces can even be transitioned into your wardrobe for the cooler temps.

I have and love these sandals which are now almost half the original price.  I also really love this lace-up pair.

I recently purchased this kimono and the colors are SO pretty.  I plan on wearing this with white jeans and a simple white tank underneath.  It’s marked way down right now.

This one shoulder top is such a fun piece and I also love the striped version.

These leggings are great for working out. All my favorite leggings are from this brand and I always grab a new pair when I see them on sale.

This lightweight knit is a great transition piece and the fringe is a fun little detail.

I’m always up a for a new cardigan and this cable knit one would be great for Fall, I love the blue!

This white dress is even better in person, I don’t think the online image really does it justice.

I’ve been on the search for a jumpsuit and this striped one immediately caught my eye.

So many deals, so little (Summer) time.



  1. September 4, 2017 / 8:04 am

    Wow!!! great looks i love the outfits this black short was adorable one. it’s really comfortable outfits and affordable prices…

    • Jessica
      September 6, 2017 / 9:57 am

      Thanks! So many good deals right now.

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