What I’m Cooking This Week

I’m so excited to share a new series here on the blog!  I am always looking for new recipes and meal ideas so I thought I’d share what I find & cook along the way.  While Jeremy is certainly the better chef we both share the cooking responsibilities in this house.  Honestly, figuring out what we are having for dinner each night provokes more arguments between Jeremy and I than I’d like to admit.  It sounds ridiculous but we are SO different when it comes to food.  I would be perfectly happy throwing together a salad every night while Jeremy needs a protein, carb and veggie and it can’t be the same carb he had for lunch…or the night before, and he can’t have the same animal protein two nights in a row, and the veggie can’t be oven baked asparagus because asparagus is only good on the grill.  Okay, I’ll admit I’m at fault too being that I don’t each fish (and he LOVES fish) and I’ll only agree to eat brown rice and whole wheat pasta…I like to keep my carbs complex.  Needless to say we’ve both learned to compromise a bit and I have learned that I need to keep a running list of meal ideas on my phone so that I can spit them out when I get the daily “what do you want to have for dinner?” text.

Each week I’ll be sharing 2-3 recipes that I’ll cook on Sunday to have for dinner and lunch during the week- often not my own because I’m not super creative in the kitchen.  This week I have one tried and true ‘recipe’ and a second that I just made for the very first time.  I included some very pathetic photos today but I may or may not share them each week (let me know what you prefer) because my food photography is laughable and I’m pretty sure that if anything it might deter you from making these meals.

1. Pesto pasta with grilled chicken and cherry tomatoes

A crowd pleaser in the Stauber house.  I used whole wheat penne and and Trader Joe’s vegan kale, cashew & basil pesto for my portion and a regular pesto from Costco for Jeremy.  This one is super simple:

Cook pasta and drain.

Heat pesto in a saucepan

Mix pesto in with pasta

Add in grilled chicken (I cooked mine in the oven for 25 minutes at 350•)

top with cherry tomatoes

optional topping: shaved parmesan

(exhibit A of pathetic food photography)

 2.  Salsa Verde Steak Soup

This is from a favorite website/blog of mine, Gimme Some Oven.  I just made her Cajun Corn Chowder last week and it came out great.  I really love that she gives cooking instructions for stovetop, instant pot and crock pot! I often find recipes I’d love to try but they’re specifically for  an instant pot which we do not have and I’m not ready to add yet another small appliance to our collection.  Anyways, I made this in a dutch oven and it was SO simple.  This definitely has all the tangy/zesty flavors of salsa verde, the only thing I left out was a poblano pepper because I couldn’t find one.  I’ll be bringing this to work tomorrow for lunch!


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