Our Small Master Bathroom Renovation

small master bathroom Our very first home renovation is complete!  While our house was ‘move-in ready’ it was, and in some parts still is, a bit outdated.  With our two biggest projects being the kitchen and this bathroom we…ok maybe I (happy wife happy life, right?) decided  to start small with our tiny master bath.  This bathroom along with the others in our home are quite small but that was not at all a deal breaker for us.  It did make this project SLIGHTLY easier as the layout didn’t change.  Our house was built in the 1970’s and this bathroom was NOT trying to hide it’s age.  I actually refused to use this bathroom prior to the start of the renovation because while I could sort of get over the yellow walls, and even the yellow sink, the yellow toilet just put me over the edge.  Thank goodness for a slightly better hallway bathroom.  Okay, enough potty talk here’s two before pictures to really set the scene.

And thanks to our gem of a contractor it now looks like THIS:


pottery barn medicine cabinet I was so against a medicine cabinet because in my mind they all look cheesy and unfinished (frameless) but this one totally made me a believer.  This was the exact style I wanted for a mirror and it’s a huge bonus that it’s a medicine cabinet because hidden storage is key in this small space.

navy blue vanity So happy with our navy blue vanity!  We loved the gold hardware but didn’t want to do ALL gold hardware throughout the bathroom because I thought it might be a LITTLE too trendy for me so we decided to mix metals.  The vanity drawer pulls and the scones are both a gold/bronze finish while the rest of the hardware is polished nickel.  I was super nervous about this but I did some research and found that this could totally work as long as we repeat each finish at least twice and stick to 2-3 finishes max.  I LOVE how it come out!

shower floor tileshower wall tile Jeremy was insistent on a rain shower head so that is what we got.  I think he was a tad underwhelmed with the water pressure but to me it works just fine and I love that you can tilt it any which way you please.

The background of our nook is the same tile as the shower floor.  AND yes, we use more than one product but I just hadn’t moved them all over just yet.

small bathroom renosmall bathroom reno Props to Jeremy for sourcing this baseboard cover.  It’s such a clean look and is much better than the rusty cover that once lived in it’s place.  We plan to eventually replace all the other covers in our home with these.

Bathroom Sources:

Vanity:  Lowe’s

Sconces:  Pottery Barn

Mirror:  Pottery Barn

towel racks:  Pottery Barn

shower door:  DreamLine

floor tile:  The Tile Shop

shower floor tile:  The Tile Shop

shower wall tile:  The Tile Shop

baseboard cover:  Home Depot

sink faucet:  Delta

shower head:  Lowe’s

shower faucet:  Delta


I’m thinking of doing a post on what we learned from our first renovation project- what worked and what we would do differently if we could go back in time.  Let me know if that would be something you’re interested in!


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