My Favorite Binge Worthy TV Shows & What I’m Watching Next

binge worthy shows

A solid weekend for me consists of some quality couch time and at least 6 straight episodes of a new show.  I just started watching A Million Little Things and I’m giving it some undivided attention this Saturday.  It’s not always easy to find a good series that both Jeremy and I enjoy but we are dedicated and managed to find a few that had us hooked.


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  • Jack Ryan-  I LOVED this show.  I think I watched the entire series in two couch seatings (that’s an official measurement).   Jack Ryan is a CIA analyst that got recruited into a field assignment for a terrorist investigation.  I was immediately hooked after the first episode. Highly recommend!
  • Dirty John-  This is the latest show we watched.  It’s an 8 episode series based loosely on a true story about the relationship of a middle aged successful interior designer and a man she starts dating.  Her family has their suspicions about him and soon start investigating his history which reveals some very concerning information.  This show had me hooked right until the very end (which was a good one!).
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel- I wasn’t so sure we’d love this show and I was honestly shocked by how much Jeremy enjoyed it.  Mrs. Maisel is a 1950’s housewife who mistakenly falls into stand up comedy.  If you’re looking for something lighthearted then this is it!


  • Bloodline-   A bit older and it’s been sometime since we watched this show but it’s definitely a good one.  There are 3 full seasons out and sadly no more to come.  The show revolves around a family of four adult siblings and their parents.  Without giving too much away one siblings return ‘home’ causes a bit of family drama which leads to a shocking ending in the first season and it doesn’t end there.  Each season leaves you wanting more.  I’m sad that this show is over but then again I’m not sure how many more shocking events could have realistically taken place.
  • The Sinner- SO GOOD.  I feel like most people have seen this show by now but if you haven’t what are you waiting for?  There are two seasons out and they are unrelated aside from one character (no need to watch Season 1 before 2).   The first episode of Season 1 will have you completely questioning what the heck is going on but the end of the season answers everything you’d want to know.
  • Ozark-  This one is about a seemingly normal family that is uprooted when the father’s money laundering scheme goes wrong and he now has to figure out how to pay back millions to a Mexican drug cartel. Apparently Season 3 is in the works and I’m impatiently awaiting the air date.
  • Making a Murderer-  This is the true crime documentary about Steven Avery who served 18 years in prison after a wrongful conviction of sexual assault.  Just two years after being released he was charged with murder of a 25 year old woman who had disappeared.  The first season was filmed over the course of 10 years by graduate film students and detailed the murder trial while the second season documents the aftermath of the conviction.


  • This is Us-  Okay I think most of us are hooked on this show by now, aren’t we?  Another good family drama that sometimes leaves me holding back tears.  I really hope that Season 3 is far from the last one.
  • Parenthood- Available on Hulu.  I can’t remember what prompted us to start this fairly old series but we watched all six seasons over the course of a few weeks.  It is such an emotional and heartwarming show outlining four grown siblings struggles with parenthood.  I wish it hadn’t ended!  It’s also available on Netflix.

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