Shorts: Old; Similar // Halter Top: VacayStyle // Sandals: Target

I love to travel and am always looking forward to my next trip. I’m currently researching for my next vacation and the Italian countryside is looking reallllll good. While I love getting out of town (…state, country) I absolutely despise the packing process. It takes me a few hours and way too much energy to decide on what clothes to bring let alone purses and jewelry to match. Jeremy always thinks we will be fine sharing one carry-on…HA. He’s a dreamer… or maybe he knew I’d one day be introduced to VacayStyle. VacayStyle was created to make packing effortless and it does just that. You can purchase an entire collection consisting of several pieces which can be used to create more than 12 outfits! All you need in addition to the collection are two to three basics from your closet. It does not get any easier than that.

VacayStyle has curated 6 different collections to choose from. Each collection consists of 5 pieces that are easy to mix and match. You can also purchase each piece individually. I am wearing the printed halter top from the Tahiti Collection and am seriously eyeing the two-piece jumpsuit. I obviously should’ve bought the entire collection!


Now onto the best part…I’ve got a discount code for all of you! You can use code SC15 for 15% off your purchase from VacayStyle.  I highly recommend you take a peek at the site and buy yourself something pretty!

vacay-style (1 of 1)-6 vacay-style (1 of 1)-4 vacay-style (1 of 1)

vacay-style (1 of 1)-3

I have been so excited to put together this post for you all. As you may know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started on July 14th for Nordstrom Card holders and opened to the public on July 22. Although I was stuck in my office I did manage to have a very expensive ‘lunch break’ that day. While I picked up a few things in store I wasn’t able to find everything I wanted in such a time crunch so I ordered several items online later that night. To say I was checking for my shipping confirmations and shipment tracking every hour is an understatement. I won’t lie, I am like that with all my online purchases. Just a really eager beaver over here!

Anyways, I’ve finally received all of my orders (yes, there were a few). Free shipping and free returns makes things SO easy.  While there’s so much I would have loved to keep I decided to be practical and think about whether I’d really get use out of each item and whether or not I already have something similar in my ever growing wardrobe.  I’ve decided to break down my purchases into two categories: wardrobe staples and on-trend items.  I definitely ordered a bit of both.  I can easily rationalize the staples because I will have them for years to come.  The trendy items may be less permanent so I made sure not to spend a majority of my budget on those.  I apologize for the poor photo quality, it has been in the 90’s here so I couldn’t bear the thought of taking photo’s outside.  The quickest way to give you all a quick snapshot of my purchases is the ever so classy mirror shots.  Ok, now let’s get down to business:


  1. Winter Coat

nordstrom-sale-camel-coat (1 of 1)-2nordstrom-sale-camel-coat (1 of 1)

First up is this wool blend coat that is on sale for $140.  This coat is definitely my favorite staple item because I know I will likely have this the longest.  I have wanted a neutral coat for some time yet haven’t found the perfect one (at the perfect price point) until now.  I didn’t buy any new winter coats last year (that I can recall, ha) so I was super excited to take advantage of this sweeeeeet deal.  I personally always think that camel and black make the most chic pairing so I can’t wait to wear this with some black skinny jeans.

2.  Leggings


If being comfortable is your jam (it’s definitely mine) then you need a good pair of leggings.  I bought these Zella leggings during last years sale and haven’t looked back.  They have a wide waist band which is one non-negotiables when it comes to leggings.  This pair is thick and perfect for fall/winter.  Luckily, mine are still in very good shape (yay for quality) so I didn’t buy a second pair because I’m super awesome and sticking to my budget (kinda) BUT I did buy some Zella leggings specifically for working out.  This cropped pair has some really cute sheer paneling in the back and since I know Zella is great quality I can count on having this pair for a few years.

3.  Cardigans


nordstrom-sale-windowpane-cardigan (1 of 1)

All hail this ever so popular cardigan.  If you read lots of other fashion blogs or follow bloggers on Instagram then you may have seen this cardigan 539,859,321 times.  I ordered one to check out the quality because I hadn’t seen anyone comment on the softness and I am super picky about sweaters being itchy.  I was pleasantly surprised by how soft it is and the fit is perfect.  I love oversized cardigans so this one is for sure a keeper.  I’m kicking myself for not ordering the olive color before it sold out.  (Although most colors are sold out, I did see some being restocked in limited sizes throughout the day.  Yes, the refresh button is my bestie.)

This windowpane cardigan is a bit more expensive but the quality is excellent.  I love the windowpane print, it’s a nice change from all the stripes I have been wearing.  I am known to wear cardigans allllll the time at work, so I will definitely be getting my money’s worth out of this one.

4.  Basic T-Shirt & OTK Boots

nordstrom-sale-otk-boots (1 of 1)

A basic tee.  There’s not much to say about this being a staple.  I am always throwing on jeans and a tee on the weekends so when I saw that this top was on sale of under $16 I had to try it.  It is loose fitting and realllllly soft.

These OTK boots are the best fitting pair I have tried.  I am a bit nutty about tall boots that start to sag and scrunch up near the ankles.  This pair fits like a glove (or should I say sock?) but I did return them in exchange for the black pair which I am still waiting to arrive.  The color picture above is listed as ‘charcoal fabric’ but is more a charcoal with a BIG hint of brown.  I’m weird about hues that I can’t put a name to, it’s not gray and its not brown so it’s going back haha, I’m hoping my exchange for the black pair was granted before they sold out!  This is another item that may restock before the sale ends.

5.   Jeans

mavi-jeans-nordstrom-sale (1 of 1)-2

I bought a few pairs of jeans during the sale but ended up only keeping these.  They were the best fit and also the right length.  It’s always a struggle finding jeans that don’t fit me like a pair of capri’s.  This pair was my runner up as they are super flattering and comfortable but the distressing on the knee hung a bit awkwardly in my opinion.  Of course, this is probably just me being cray and overly attentive to detail.



  1. Leather Leggings

nordstrom-sale-faux-leather-pants (1 of 1)


So faux leather leggings and the whole leather trend in general has been around for a few years but I just can’t see it sticking forever.  I will undoubtedly get plenty of wear out of these faux leather leggings this season and maybe even the next two years but I knew I didn’t want to spend over $100 on them.  This pair actually looks a lot more expensive because they are faintly textured.  There are quite a few leather leggings/pants included in the sale and I definitely recommend picking up a pair.  This pair has awesome reviews, as do these.  I also tried these on in store, they are great if you are looking for a pant instead of a legging.  They are a bit too low-rise for my liking hence me passing on them for this pair.

2.  Fun Workout Leggings


So I talked about Zella leggings up above.  These are the second pair of workout leggings that I purchased.  While I normally would not spend this much on leggings for the gym, I know they are great quality and the print is SO fun, I couldn’t pass them up!  These are also high waisted which I love for working out.

3.   High Neck Tank

nordstrom-sale-high-neck-tank (1 of 1)

This gray tank is so simple yet so flattering.  I love the high neck and that I can wear this year round, I’ll definitely be layering it with a cardigan this Fall/Winter.


That’s a wrap!  If you have any questions about sizing and/or quality I’ll be glad to answer them, just leave a comment below.  I hope you are able to grab some great deals before they sell out!




Shorts: Loft // Shirt: Loft (old) just purchased this one // Jacket: J. Crew Factory // Sandals: Target

I’m undoubtedly going through a phase where I want anything and everything striped. Exhibit A and exhibit B.   I could not pass up these shorts.  Blush, striped and on sale?  Yes, yes and yes please!  They are currently only $15, seriously such a steal.  To be honest I rarely buy anything full priced from Loft because they are always having sales, sometimes 40% off the entire store.  I wanted to get this post up before these sell out but in all honesty all I can think about is the arrival of my Nordstrom order!  I have tracked the **** out of my package and somehow the delivery date got updated from Friday to TODAY.  I’ll be putting together a post to show you all what I purchased and give an honest review so be sure to check back!  In the meantime you can check out my Shop page which I’ve updated with my sale picks.

blush-pink-striped-shorts (1 of 1)-9blush-pink-striped-shorts (1 of 1)-8blush-pink-striped-shorts (1 of 1)-6blush-pink-striped-shorts (1 of 1)-2


Dress: J.Crew // Bag: SimilarSimilar ($36!) // Shoes: Lord & Taylor // Sunglasses: J. Crew Factory

Every Spring/Summer I am looking to add more and more dresses to my wardrobe.  Sadly, I don’t feel like I’ll ever have enough, anybody else?  This J.Crew dress was the perfect addition to my closet this Summer.  A striped and scalloped shift dress that is also on sale, this one was practically jumping off the racks and into my hands!  It also comes in red and navy.  I recently wore this to an engagement party and it definitely fit my party dress requirement of leaving some space for my inevitable food baby.  Shift dresses are definitely my go-to!  It is final sale so if you have any questions about sizing feel free to email me or leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer.  I paired this with my newest pair of heeled sandals that are SO comfortable and have the perfect heel height.  The color is such a good neutral so they pair well with so many of my dresses.

Anybody else trying to curve their spending lately in preparation for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?  I’m totally guilty of ordering 3 pairs of jeans from a different retailer within the past week and returning them all.  The Nordstrom sale has my heart and shopping budget, lets hope it’s a good one. Momma needs a new pair of jeans!

striped-scalloped-shift-dress (1 of 1)-8

striped-scalloped-shift-dress (1 of 1)-4

striped-scalloped-shift-dress (1 of 1)striped-scalloped-shift-dress (1 of 1)-6

striped-scalloped-shift-dress (1 of 1)-10


Oh how I wish I had saved all my wide leg work pants from a few years back.   Unfortunately they did not survive my seasonal closet clean-outs.  I had made the switch to skinny ankle pants which you can find me in four days of the week.  My work wardrobe has been pretty boring lately.  A few months ago I was told that I dress like a teacher and just the other day while on my pre-bachelorette wine run (#necessary) I was asked if I’m a nurse because I was wearing a shirt ‘like the nurses wear.’  Clearly I’m having a bit of a career wardrobe identity crisis (is that a thing?) because I am neither a teacher nor a nurse.  I know I haven’t shared much about my 9-5 gig that pays the bills but in case you want to know I work in insurance.  Fun, right? I currently supervise eight adjusters (fancy word for claims reps/case managers) who manage insurance claims for people who are injured in their workplace.  The wonderful world of workers’ compensation.

Ok, back to the work wear.  I recently purchased these wide leg pants to switch things up from my recent funk.  I don’t think my old pairs of wide legs pants, may they RIP, were quite so chic so I feel like this style has come back and is even better than before.  Think high waisted, pleated and an array of colors.  The best part is that they are perfect for both work and date night/girls night/happy hour.  This specific pair is made by Chelsea28 which was sold at Nordstrom and this color was actually at Nordstrom Rack for under $35!  Unfortunately they are all sold out but I have a good feeling about them making their way back so keep an eye out right this way .  Since I am loving this style so much, and may need to replace all my skinny ankle pants, I scoured the inter webs and linked a bunch of wide leg pants for you in the widget.  I also included some wide-leg crops, so chic!

wide-leg-pants (1 of 1)

wide-leg-trousers (1 of 1)-3 olive-shirt (1 of 1)-4wide-leg-trousers (1 of 1)


Romper: She-In c/o // Bag: Olivia & Joy // Sandals: Target

It did not take much to sell me on this vertical striped romper.  I mean 1. stripes 2. romper 3. v-back, how could I pass that up?  I am a sucker for stripes and if they’re vertical…even better!  I usually have issues finding rompers that fit appropriately, ya know…one that doesn’t have a half inch inseam and show more skin that a bikini.  Okay, slight exaggeration but these legs need some coverage.  While this one is definitely not long it does cover enough and also works great as a beach coverup which is how I’ll probably wear it this weekend.  When Jeremy and I decided to move out of apartment building a few months ago I was most sad to no longer have access to a pool.  Let me tell ya, I did not let my pool privileges go to waste while we lived there!  BUT, now we have a town beach!  I am so excited to spend every free weekend there.  We attempted to go last weekend because I insisted that my weather app said the rain was holding off.  Of course Mother Nature proved otherwise and we started to hear thunder within 20 minutes of arriving.  These photo’s are just another reminder that I need some sunshine.  If you follow along on Instagram then hopefully you will see a more tan version of myself in just a few days. Hope you all have a great weekend!

blue-striped-romper (1 of 1)

blue-striped-romper (1 of 1)-7

blue-striped-romper (1 of 1)-3

blue-striped-romper (1 of 1)-14blue-striped-romper (1 of 1)-4


Dress: Banana Republic // Shoes: Lord & Taylor // Tote: Nordstrom // Sunglasses: J.Crew Factory

I have been waiting for what seems like forever (ever) for the warm temps to come…and stay.  Now that they’re here I’m constantly sifting through my closet for dresses that are easy to throw on and go.  I really think that all my Spring/Summer dresses somehow vanish from my closet over the Winter and are never again to be seen.  I’m forever searching for more.  While doing some rainy day shopping a couple weeks ago I couldn’t pass up the 40% off everything sale that was going on at Banana Republic (this chick does not miss a good sale!).  I snagged this classic dress that will stay in my closet for years to come.  It’s currently back on sale and almost 50% off.  It runs true to size (if between sizes, stick with the smaller size) and it’s belted making it super flattering! I also have my eyes on these cute little shorts which are also on sale.  This top is also on my wish list and will likely make its way into my closet sometime soon.  Okay, time to X out the window before I go a little too crazy.

Anyways, I wore this while in Maine the other weekend and if you know me then you know it was SUPER daring for me to wear this for a foodie walking tour that we had booked in Portland.  I am a super messy eater and for some strange reason when I wear white I happen to be 10x messier than my usual, so convenient.  I am still not sure how I survived 3+ hours of eating without a stain, maybe I was too hungry to share anything with my dress?

white-shirt-dress (1 of 1)

white-shirt-dress (1 of 1)-3white-shirt-dress (1 of 1)-2

BLOOPERS aka 99% of the photo’s we take for this little ole blog.  I started reading blogs 5-6 years ago and always thought about having my own blog.  It only took about 4 years before I (and by ‘I’ I mean my sister and Jeremy) actually pushed myself to start blogging.  While most of my posts contain of photographs of myself I think its important that you know I am SO AWKWARD in front of the camera and taking photo’s is one of my least favorite parts of blogging.  I know that seems cray since I have posted a bajillion pictures of myself on the world wide web for everyone to see but it’s the truth and probably the main reason I took forever to start my blog.  It’s still weird for me to post pictures of myself on Instagram every damn day but I know that the pictures are a huge part of fashion blogging.  In fact, when I started blogging I made Jeremy promise not to tell anyone we know because I thought people would think it was so superficial.  The reality is that I am super picky about every photograph I post because putting myself out there on the internet is WEIRD.  We probably take 200-300 photographs of each outfit and I cringe at 95% of them.  While I like to talk a tad about my person life (and hope to open up even more on here) my posts are largely fashion related and I personally don’t care much for reading someone blab about clothes without seeing pictures of them so why would I write a blog that way?

So now that you know how much I’ve struggled with posting photograph’s why not share all the cringe-worthy ones.  Obviously I have come a long way and can now only laugh about how ridiculous I look at times.  These are just too good not to share…

        bloopers (1 of 1)-3DSC_0100

I like to sleep…a lot. No pillow necessary.

bloopers (1 of 1)-4 bloopers (1 of 1)-5 bloopers (1 of 1)-13

I was very pigeon toe’d as a child and my dad spent years helping me correct it, mostly by yelling at me ‘TOES OUT, TOES OUT.” He would cringe looking at these photo’s, sorry Dad!

bloopers (1 of 1)-6 bloopers (1 of 1)-8bloopers (1 of 1)-15

I don’t have 99 problems, I have one…it’s my hair.

bloopers (1 of 1)-10bloopers (1 of 1)-14bloopers (1 of 1)-16

I’m like really, really pretty.

black skirt (1 of 1)-2


So, there I am in all my windblown, sleepy, awkward, cranky glory.

There’s nothing like going all out on a Thursday and publishing embarrassing photo’s of yourself. How you like me nowwwwww?! Props to you if you get my song reference because I like to sing that a whole lot and we should be friends.

Thanks for stopping by!






Tank: Old Navy // Jeans: Target // Shoes: old; similar // Bag: Kate Spade (old); love this one

If this cute summer tank isn’t twirl worthy then I don’t know what is!  A little dance session may have occurred while taking these photo’s.  This tank is so perfect for summer, lightweight and the perfect gingham print.  Once I get the food stain out of my white jeans I will definitely be pairing this tank with them.  Anybody else a messy eater?  I get a little too excited about my meals and things get a little out of control.  Anyways, the $12 price tag can’t be beat, I may just have to order the striped print.  Okay, keeping things short and sweet today because it’s FRIDAY and my brain is fried. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

peplum-cami (1 of 1)-4  peplum-cami (1 of 1)  peplum-cami (1 of 1)-5peplum-cami (1 of 1)-2





Jeans: Lord & Taylor // Top: Similar // Bag: Kate Spade (old); Love this one! // Shoes:  Similar here and here // Bracelet: Loren Hope via Rocksbox (use code ‘fashionablyfitjessxoxo for 1 month free!)

Happy cuatro de mayo!  Anybody else a little excited for tomorrow?  I actually don’t have any plans but I’m a huge Mexican food lover so this holiday excites me.  Oddly enough last week as I rushing walking out the door to leave for work Jeremy asked if we could have a ‘fiesta’ later that night.  I agreed figuring he just was hinting that he wanted tacos for dinner #tacosallday.   I arrived home that night to a decorated home and a party tray of tacos and quesadillas, a margarita station and of course my favorite…GUACAMOLE!  I have yet to find some wall decor for our living room so there was conveniently enough room for him to tape a mariachi band poster on the wall.  Amusing to say the least.  SO it’s safe to say that even sans plans we still have some rockin’ decor going on for tomorrow.

I have little to say about this outfit besides well BLUSH.  I am loving this hue year round but I cannot wait until I at least have a smidgen of a tan so it doesn’t wash me out.  Bring me some sun, sunscreen (yes, you can still get a tan with sunscreen! protect your skin!) and all things blush, beige and white.

blush-pink-shirt (1 of 1)-2

blush-pink-shirt (1 of 1)-3

blush-pink-shirt (1 of 1)-6 blush-pink-shirt (1 of 1)-8