This is a very rare Sunday post and it’ll be super short and sweet. I wanted to share some of my final picks from the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale as it ends TODAY! All items… View Post

First off, happy Friday! Yesterday marked the official two week countdown (yes, it deserves a countdown) until Thanksgiving.  Today I’m sharing…you guessed it, my third look for the holiday.  Of course this entails yet another elastic… View Post

Another day, another outfit.  Today I’m sharing my second look for a comfortable, yet fashionable Thanksgiving.  This chambray dress is worn quite often during the Spring.  I decided to add a pair of booties and… View Post

Is anyone else counting down to the BIG (literally) day?  It was 70 degrees here in New York on Saturday so thinking of Thanksgiving seems like a bit of stretch but it is just a… View Post

Nothing brightens a cloudy day like a good sale (and the sun, obvi).  I was scouring the Nordstrom website before even getting out of bed yesterday morning because items sell SO FAST.  I literally had… View Post

If you read Monday’s post then you know I ate a little bit ton of Halloween candy this past weekend.  I actually had to throw it all in a bag and put it out of… View Post

I better not be the only one suffering a candy hangover right now.  Seriously, I went a bit overboard this weekend.  I think we (knowingly) bought a bit too much candy for the amount of… View Post

Is anyone else scrambling to wear dresses without tights while we still can?  Although I probably shouldn’t be showing off my pale legs, wearing tights is not my idea of comfort.  Don’t get me wrong,… View Post

Another week in the books.  Happy Friday! I’ve got a bit of a different post today because I was nominated for the Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is given to newbie bloggers by other bloggers… View Post

I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely not that girl in the gym trying to preserve her blowout and cringing at the thought of breaking a sweat.  By the time I’m finished working… View Post