I know I’ve been talking about the dropping temperatures for a few weeks but Mother Nature seriously let us have it these past two days! I am faaaarozen. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a tad (I… View Post

Happy Friday, loves.  Luckily the weekend has come quick and I’m giving myself another Monday off from work because we have a friend’s wedding on Sunday!  The wedding ceremony is outdoors so I’ll definitely be swooning over… View Post

I didn’t start working out until I went off to college, with the exception of doing sit-ups in my bedroom when my jeans were too tight.  With several gyms around campus I had no excuses.… View Post

Happy Monday (and thats only ‘happy’ because I have the day off from work).  My weekend in Massachusetts was much needed. I finally got to see my big sis’s new home and spend some much… View Post

Happy FRIDAY! My excitement is through the roof.  Most likely because I have off from work on Monday and I’m headed to Massachusetts today to visit my big sis, brother in law and my niece… View Post

Happy hump day, loves! If I had to pick my favorite workout for the week it would be close tie between leg day and ab day. Obviously arm day is not even close to being… View Post

The 70’s are officially back.   I have yet to jump back in to wearing bell bottoms but I’ve definitely taken to the suede trend.  I got this skirt during the Nordstrom Clearance Sale and… View Post

More often than not I tend to dress pretty casual on the weekend, except for the occasional night out which calls for all the dressy clothes I buy and never wear. I love an outfit… View Post

If there was such thing as having too many plaid button ups then I may be cutting it close but luckily I think we can all agree (except Jeremy, who needs 1/4 of our closet)… View Post

There are few things I hate with a passion, one of which is my alarm.  I hate everything about it… setting it, hearing it, finding the right button to snooze it, hearing it again 10… View Post